Derron Fortindom

Place of Origin:Salamandastron
Weapon: Sabre
Death: Unknown
Appears: Rakkety Tam

Captain Derron Fortindom was a Captain in the Long Patrol during the Seasons of the Savage. He was known to be the best hare alive with a sabre. He was also described as easily flustered by a pretty female.

Fortindom was one of fifty hares who stayed at Redwall Abbey to guard it from foxes and ermine, while Rakkety Tam tracked down Gulo the Savage with the other fifty hares. When Fargil and Graddu attempted to scout a way into the Abbey, the hares were ordered to take one fox prisoner and kill the other. Fortindom handled the slaying part, dueling Graddu and killing him. Later, when the vermin attacked the Abbey, Fortindom discovered a decoy plan set up by Captain Zerig. Using the vermin's own plan against them, the hares allowed the foxes and ermine to come inside the Abbey; Fortindom then locked the gate behind them to prevent them escaping, and the vermin were slain to a beast.

Fortindom was one of the marshalls in the final duel between Tam and Gulo. After the death of Gulo, Fortindom and Wonwill slew the last six remaining foxes and ermine between them. He later returned to Salamandastron, and was still residing there when Tam's daughter Melanda MacBurl came to visit fifteen seasons later.

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