Dibbuns Against Bedtime (also known as the D.A.B.) was a secret club created by Dibbuns; it is based on the eponymous website. Brian Jacques decided to immortalize them in Triss after receiving a fan letter from site administrator Gonfflet, and brought the rambunctious crew back again in Doomwyte. They made their third appearance (and first consecutive appearance) in The Sable Quean. The Dibbuns Against Bedtime make their second consecutive appearance in The Rogue Crew.

In Triss

The DAB's greatest misdeed was the assault on the Kitchens, in which they caused a huge mess and locked the kitchen doors so no one could enter. As punishment, they were put on Abbot's Report, a very serious matter.

They successfully evaded bedtime, dirtied up the Friar, and kept themselves in there for possibly hours.

Known Members

In Doomwyte

The DAB's role was quite minor, and their brief appearance consisted of a choir of enthusiastic (but out of tune) singing Dibbuns which included a section of mole bass singers.

In The Sable Quean

After Guffy and Tassy were kidnapped by Ravagers, the DAB was mentioned by Granvy Shtuckle as playing near the Gatehouse, and that they might be worth interrogating.

In The Rogue Crew

After the arrival of Razzid Wearat near Redwall, Dibbuns excited by the vermin ship refused to go to sleep, and began a 'DAB' chant in protest.

Known Members


Dibbuns Against Bedtime appear in Triss, Doomwyte, The Sable Quean, and The Rogue Crew.

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