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Species: Shrew
Place of Origin: Mossflower Woods
Gender: Male
Weapon: Shrew rapier, The Sword of Martin, Halberd
Death: Unknown
Appears: Marlfox

Dippler was a male Guosim shrew who assisted in defeating the Marlfoxes. His logboat was named Waterfly; when Dippler found it hacked to pieces by the Marlfoxes, he was visibly devastated.

Dippler was the shrew on guard duty when Mokkan and Ziral stole the logboats of the Guosim, an event brought about by the fact that he fell asleep on his watch. The hefty shrew Fenno picked on him and bullied him mercilessly for this, until Log-a-Log intervened on his behalf, defending and encouraging the young shrew. As a result, Dippler was very attached to Log-a-log, considering him a father figure.

Later, Dippler was in the Great Hall with Dannflower Reguba and Abbess Songbreeze Swifteye, when Marlfoxes Vannan and Ascrod invaded and stole The Tapestry of Martin the Warrior. Dippler was nearly killed by Vannan's axe; his oversized helmet saved his life, though the force of the blow rendered him unconscious. When he came to, he was outraged to learn that Fenno had murdered Log-a-Log and then run away. Dippler swore to avenge Log-a-Log's death, were he ever given the chance.

After Dann had a vision of Martin the Warrior instructing him to leave the Abbey in search of the tapestry, Dippler and Song accompanied him into Mossflower Woods in pursuit of Mokkan, who had the tapestry. Dippler befriended Burble, who later accompanied them on their journey; he also used his Guosim's knowledge to select the Swallow as the best ship to ride the River Moss, and identified a strange fishing bird as an osprey.

Temporarily being separated from Song, Dippler and his two remaining travel companions soon became lost in an underground cave system. Burble was nearly consumed by a large fish in the cave pool, but Dippler caught his paws and practically played tug-of-war with the fish until Dann intervened and forced it to let go. After the trio passed out the other side of the caves, Fenno caught up with them, stealing Dippler's rapier and forcing the young shrew to fight with the heavier Sword of Martin. Dippler won the battle, snapping the rapier blade in two with the sword and stabbing Fenno with the broken blade.

After reuniting with Song, and defeating the Marlfoxes in the final battle on their home island, Dippler returned to Redwall Abbey. There, the other shrews informed him that whoever slew Fenno must, by Guosim law, assume the mantle of Log-a-Log; as such, Dippler took his old friend's place as chieftain of the Guosim, much to the approval of the tribe.

Not to be confused with Dipper or with the shrew Dipper.