Dominic de la Sabada Bregon

Known Year(s):1628
Place of Origin:Sabada, Spain
Appears in:The Angel's Command

Dominic de la Sabada Bregon, also known as the Facemaker of Sabada, was a gifted artist who could paint and draw with charcoal, capturing the personality of his subject perfectly by allegedly (and seemingly) being able to see into a persons soul through their eyes. When he first met Ben, he said he was unable to draw him, for he had "seen too much for a simple facemaker". He was banished from his native city of Sabada when he refused and then was forced to make a portrait of the governor's wife, who was a greedy glutton.

Dominic joined Ben and Ned in Book Two of The Angel's Command, along with Karay to help rescue the Comte Bregon's nephew and defeat the evil Razan. He seems to be able to resist Maguda Razan's hypnotizing eyes with his own gift, and it is shown in potion-induced nightmare that he has a fear of snakes.

Dominic is brave and resourceful, and Ben describes him as a 'good mate'. He appears to be slightly older than Ben himself during the events in The Angel's Command (though, of course, Ben is truly older than him). Upon his return to Comte Bregon's manor, both he and Karay were adopted and made part of the family Bregon. He painted a picture of Ben and Ned with The Flying Dutchman in the background, which hangs in the Comte's hall.