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Species: Squirrel
Place of Origin: Mountains upriver from Riftgard
Gender: Male
Weapon: Spear, stolen from Flith
Death: Murdered by Princess Kurda while defending the dock so Triss could escape
Appears: Triss

Drufo was an elderly squirrel slave at Riftgard. He had a habit of repeating himself when he talked, and was close friends with Triss and before her, her father, Rocc Arrem. Before he was captured, he fought the Ratguards alongside Rocc in the mountains upriver from Riftgard. After the vermin killed Rocc with arrows, Drufo and a very young Triss were captured by the slavers and taken to Riftgard Fortress.

Many seasons later, Drufo was one of the forced assistants for Princess Kurda's sword exercises, throwing vegetables for the ferret to slice, and secretly cleaning up the mess afterwards to feed to the other slaves. After Triss, Shogg and Welfo were put in one of the punishment cages for execution, he gave them a file to cut through the iron bars, and when the trio broke out of the cage, Drufo led a small slave rebellion to cause a distraction. In the melee, he himself stole Ratguard lieutenant Flith's spear, and guarded the jetty from the oncoming vermin. Triss tried to get him to swim out to the ship and come with them, but he refused, telling her that he planned on making a stand and dying in battle, in order to buy the runaways enough time to sail safely away.

Drufo was killed by Princess Kurda who ran him through with her sabre.

Audio VA: Gordon Hall