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Dubble being rescued by Zaran the Black

Species: Shrew
Place of Origin: Guosim
Gender: Male
Weapon: Rapier, Bow and Arrows
Death: Unknown
Appears: Doomwyte

Dubble was the son of Tugga Bruster, the Log-a-Log of the Northwest Guosim. He did not like his father very much, because he constantly bullied and scolded him, and suggested that everything he did was wrong. Tugga was also unjustly mean to the rest of the tribe, further causing a rift between the two.

After abandoning the Guosim due to a fight with his father, Dubble was captured by the Painted Ones, where he met Bisky. He was tormented by the chieftain's son Jeg, and swore to slay him.

After escaping the Painted Ones, Dubble and Bisky met the Gonfelin Thieves; they were considered prisoners, until they proved to have no harmful intentions. Dubble's father searched for him while all this was going on; he and the Guosim went with the Redwallers to fight the Painted Ones, as Bruster believed that his son was likely captured by them. The band fought the Painted Ones, but were outnumbered; they won due to the help of the Gonfelins, who brought Bisky and Dubble with them when they attacked.

After the battle, Dubble helped to rescue the captive Dwink; he then chased after Jeg, who had fled the scene. The rat and the shrew fought, but, before Dubble had the chance to kill him, Baliss the Slayer suddenly appeared on the scene and ate the rat whole. Dubble fled from Baliss, but found himself surrounded by Doomwytes, who were following the adder. He tried to fight his way through, but suffered a hard peck on the shoulder.

Dubble was rescued by Zaran the Black, who took him to her bankside home and cared for him. He assisted Zaran in her tunneling operation to collapse the Doomwyte cavern. His friends, Bisky and Spingo, thought he was still lost and took a Guosim logboat to find him. After meeting up with him, the two also helped in the tunneling operation. Spingo was trapped in a tunnel collapse, and Bisky and Dubble immediately went to the Abbey to get help.

As the rescue party of Guosim and Redwallers returned to the site of the collapse, Dubble looked about for his father but could not find him. He was later informed that Tugga had stolen from the Abbey, tried to rally the Guosim to attack the Redwallers, and thus had been deposed and killed. Dubble was so ashamed of his father's legacy that he abdicated his rightful leadership of the Guosim to Garul, and quit the tribe for good.

Dubble was part of the battle in the Doomwyte cavern, and assisted Bisky in the rescue of Spingo, and the moles that had been caught in a second tunnel collapse while trying to dig her out. After the death of the Doomwytes, Dubble returned to Redwall Abbey, where he became the Kitchen Friar.

Not to be confused with Dobble.


  • With the exception of Friar Bibble, he is the only shrew to become a Redwall Abbey Friar.