Place of Origin:Juskarath clan
Weapon: Spear, long knife, sling and stones
Death: Killed by Deyna with The Sword of Martin
Appears: Taggerung

Eefera was a weasel member of the Juskarath clan. Up until the arrival of Deyna the Taggerung, he and Vallug Bowbeast were Sawney Rath's most trusted fighters and closest lieutenants. Eefera was very crafty and resourceful, and was one of the few who went with Sawney to pick up Deyna at the ford.

After the Taggerung's escape and Sawney Rath's death fifteen seasons later, Eefera was one of the eight who went out to hunt the otter down, along with Vallug, Milkeye, Rabbad, Grobait, Ribrow, Dagrab, Rawback, and the new Chieftain, Gruven Zann. Gruven, however, was Chief only by name. Thanks to their superior experience, age, and mettle, Eefera and Vallug were the true leaders of the hunting group, mainly due to Eefera's proficient tracking skills.

After realizing that the rest, especially the ambitious-yet-incompetent Gruven, were only hindrances, Eefera deserted them and went off with Vallug to try and hunt down the Taggerung themselves. Their plan was to find the Taggerung and kill him, thereby claiming Chieftainship by Juska law. Despite this alliance with the Bowbeast, Eefera planned on killing him after the Taggerung was defeated, and becoming sole Chieftain of the Juska. Vallug had similar plans in mind as well.

Following the Taggerung's tracks, Vallug and Eefera later stumbled across Redwall Abbey. Firmly believing that the Taggerung was within the Abbey, they captured two lost Dibbuns, Durby Furrel and Feegle, in order to "bargain" with the Redwallers for the otter. However, the young ones were rescued by Fwirl and Mhera before any exchange could take place.

Vallug, using his bow, managed to injure Fwirl and an old dormouse called Hoarg, but the Redwallers didn't relinquish the Taggerung (as they still had no idea what a Taggerung was). Eefera and Vallug later reunited with Gruven, Dagrab and Rawback, the only other remaining members of the hunting band, and used them as extra slinging firepower to assault the Abbey with.

Eefera and Vallug observed the Taggerung fleeing into the Abbey, but they managed to capture his companion, Nimbalo the Slayer. Seeing this, Deyna charged out of the Abbey, slaying Vallug with Martin the Warrior's sword, and taking Vallug's arrow in the chest. Eefera turned and ran, with Deyna hard on his heels. After a long chase out onto the flatlands, Eefera was forced to fight and was eventually found dead next to the still but alive body of Deyna.

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