"Escape from Marshank"

Production #
Original U.S. Airdate
April 28, 2002
Original Canadian Airdate
Running time
Written by
Michelle Goodeve
Directed by
Luc Bihan


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Official Synopsis

As Clogg's attack on Badrang continues, Martin and his friends emerge onto the beach and meet Rose-- Martin instantly falls in love with her, and she begins to fall for him. Badrang leads his fighters to Clogg's ship and burns it. Martin tries to calm Felldoh who plans to immediately rescue his father-- saying they must journey to Noonvale and seek reinforcements.

It is becoming clear to all, especially to Rose, that Martin is a born leader. They steal one of Clogg's longboats and begin the dangerous journey to Noonvale.

While out at sea they decide to land a long way down the shoreline. In Marshank the slaves steal weapons in preparation for their revolt-- but Druwp is watching them. Outside, Clogg spares Badrang's fox Skalrag, using him to secretly open the gates. Martin and his friends creep up the coast but are attacked by a huge fish which destroys the boat, leaving them clinging to wreckage as a storm grows. As the sea is churned to foam and they are battered by rain and waves, thunder rolls and lightening crashes around them. They are free-- but lost at sea.

Differences from Martin the Warrior

  • As Clogg watches his ship burning he yells and he threatens Badrang; in the TV series, he threatens Skalrag.
  • Brome cries that he, Martin, and Felldoh are going to die; in the book, Brome does not address this.
  • Martin tells Brome that moles are sensitive to noises; in the TV series, it's Felldoh who tells him this.
  • During Skalrag's interrogation, he is accompanied with other vermin; in the TV series, it is just him.
  • During the battle between Badrang and Clogg, Badrang throws javelins at the corsairs; in the TV series, Badrang only watches as his beasts fight Clogg's corsairs.


  • Check out storyboards from the episode provided exclusively to the Redwall Wiki here.


Now you've seen a mole haven't ya, little dark velvety fairy creature with their little black noses and their button eyes and their huge digging claws.

All my accents come from the British Isles. The moles are the old-fashioned villagers in Somerset, they all talk like that, "bo 'urr aye, my dear, my beauty, my heart, ho ho."

Nobody understands mole, ha!

Segments include:

  • "Grumm"
    • "Molespeech with Sound Editor Scott McCrorie"
  • "Pirate Language"
  • "Storyboards with artist Dimitrije Kostic"

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