Species: Dormouse
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Weapon: Rapier
Death: Unknown
Voice(s): Juan Chioran
TV Series: Season 1

Farlo was a tough dormouse merchant featured in Season 1 of the Redwall TV Series. He never appeared in Redwall or any other novel, he was in Episode 9; The Visitor, and was created by Nelvana.

In appearance, Farlo was rather exotic. His fur was an orangey color and he wore pants and a turban (not exactly the standard garb of Mossflower). He carried a blade with him, which he often wore tucked into a sash around his waist.

On his journey to Redwall Abbey where he could sell spices, Farlo was waylaid by the horde of Cluny the Scourge. Cluny captured Farlo's wife Glendel and forced him to betray the Redwallers. Farlo was made to kidnap Cornflower and take her to a mill, where she would be tortured until being freed by Matthias (whom had to wear a vest and pants since Foremole was wearing his robes for disguise). In the end, Farlo helped undo his wrong, rescuing Glendel in the process.

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