"Feathered Friends and Foes"

Production #
Original U.S. Airdate
April 30, 2001
Original Canadian Airdate
Running time
Written by
Michelle Goodeve
Directed by
Raymond Jafelice, Luc Bihan


Official Synopsis

Matthias’ raft drifts towards the rats on shore, while Mattimeo and his friends can only watch in horror as the arrows fall and the fish nibble. In The Roof of Redwall Abbey, Baby Rollo, Mrs. Churchmouse, and Cornflower wait to be thrown down unless the abbey surrenders. Triumphant, Slagar drags the miserable slaves onwards as Warbeak desperately and unsuccessfully continues to seek Matthias. At Redwall, little Sister May comes up with a potion to put in the birds' food to drug them, and at The River it is a frightened Cheek who finally risks swimming and saves Matthias and company - by eating a vast number of nibbling fish. As Abbot Mordalfus prepares to exchange hostages at Redwall, Warbeak joins Matthias at the river to defeat Stonefleck’s rats. She delivers the deciphered message, which will help locate the young ones, but is killed in battle trying to save other Sparras. Matthias heads south, deeply saddened by the death of his old Redwall ally, and vows that Slagar will pay dearly for his evil.

Differences from Mattimeo

  • In the series, Stonefleck is gaining on Matthias when Cheek ties Stonefleck's towline to a rock, causing his raft to stop. In the book, Stonefleck simply forgot to untie the towline from the bank.
  • Warbeak tells her Sparra that they are free to return to Redwall when they are near Matthias, but the sparrow warriors stay and prove their loyalty. This scene doesn't happen in the book.
  • In the book, Warbeak is dead before Matthias finds her, but in the TV series, she talks to him before dying.


"Hello, I'm Brian Jacques, and welcome to Redwall. On our last episode, Ironbeak and his troops had begun a war against Redwall. Slagar still had Mattimeo and his young pals as captives. Today, the Redwallers come up with a scheme to defeat the captors, while an unlikely hero comes to the aid of Matthias. Don't change that channel, watch Redwall with me."

This episode contains the exact same featurettes from "Cluny the Scourge - part I."

Segments include:

  • "What is a hero?"
  • "Character Spotlight: Matthias"
  • "My favorite hero"
  • "Redwall Trivia"
  • "Ask the Author: Brian Jacques"
Redwall TV Featurette Feathered Friends and Foes

Redwall TV Featurette Feathered Friends and Foes

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