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Finnbarr Galedeep

Finnbarr Galedeep from Tribes of Redwall Otters

Species: Sea Otter
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Weapon: Twin Blades
Death: Speared by Bladetail while fighting the Foxwolf
Appears: The Bellmaker

Finnbarr Galedeep was a large male sea otter and an excellent boatsbeast. His body was covered with many scars, he had only one ear, and one eye. The other socket was covered with an eyepatch. His weapons of choice were two basket hilt curved swords that he kept strapped to his back.

Finnbarr had been the original captain of the ship Pearl Queen, as well as a proud father and husband. That was before he ran into the crews of Slipp and Strapp, who killed his family and crew, and forced him off the ship. After accepting the job to get Joseph the Bellmaker and company to Southsward, he devised a plan that allowed him to seize back the Pearl Queen. Using his skill as a helmsbeast, he was able to outmaneuver Strapp's ship, the Shalloo, and force it into the Green Maelstrom - thus returning the ship to her rightful owner.

Finnbarr, as shown on the UK cover of The Bellmaker

After the Pearl Queen arrived in Southsward, it became apparent that the Southswarders were attacking the army of Urgan Nagru. Joseph's party joined in and helped turn the tide of the fighting, decimating much of the Foxwolf's army. The Foxwolf and a few others tried to escape, but Finnbarr cut them off and challenged Nagru to a fight. The two wrestled, but in the process Finnbarr was speared by a rat named Bladetail. Although injured, he still managed to pick up the Foxwolf and ram his head into a tree, causing the teeth on his wolf skull helmet to be driven into his skull.

Though Finnbarr had killed the mighty Urgan Nagru, he was mortally wounded by Bladetail. He died shortly after, facing the sea with Joseph at his side. His last thoughts were of him sailing away on his beloved ship. He gave his swords to the Bellmaker, who then gave them to Durry Quill and Rufe Brush. Durry named his sword after Finnbarr, while Rufe named his after Fatch, a brave Guosim shrew who was slain in that battle.