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Flinky and Crinktail captured by Glimbo

Species: Stoat
Place of Origin: Northlands
Gender: Male
Weapon: Sling
Death: Unknown
Appears: Loamhedge

Not to be confused with Flink or Frink.

Flinky was a male stoat in Burrad's band and the mate of Crinktail; he originated from the Northlands. He was by far the craftiest member of the band, infamous for lying, flattery, and being a silver-tongue, and would often try to use his skills of persuasion in order to get the current leader to do what he wanted. He became the most significant figure in a brewing rebellion amongst the other gangmembers who opposed Badredd's decision to find and attack Redwall Abbey in an attempt to plunder Martin the Warrior's legendary sword. He and the weasel Slipback would have almost succeeded in an attempt on Badredd's life had it not been for Plumnose unwittingly warning Badredd. After this failure, Badredd became more suspicious of Flinky's flattery and further attempts on the stoat's part to manipulate the leader were less successful.

Badredd's attempts to conquer the Abbey, despite gaining the orchard and pond, were thwarted several times by the Abbeydwellers. Frustrated, Badredd had no choice but to call upon Flinky's silver tongue: he sent the stoat and his mate Crinktail out to gather reinforcements. The two planned on abandoning the rest of the band, but were captured by Raga Bol and had no choice but to tell the searat about Redwall Abbey and Badredd's attempts to conquer it. Bol marched to the Abbey and took the reins of leadership from Badredd, reuniting Flinky and Crinktail with the rest of the band.

Wanting nothing to do with either Bol or the capture of Redwall, Flinky helped the others escape by distracting their guard Blowfly. The vermin escaped south into Mossflower Woods; thanks to this rescue, the other members of the band looked to him as Chief. Flinky's plans involved roaming south until his band found a spot with plentiful food and water, and subsequently settling down there. He and his band were never heard from again.

Unlike most vermin, Flinky did not achieve his status as leader through strength or fear. He was popular and well-liked among all the members of the group, with the exception of Badredd. His eloquence, craftiness and ability to manipulate the leader to a certain extent, his talent for music and singing, and his wish for the band to settle down in a peaceful corner, all contributed to his popularity and eventual chieftainship of the band.