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Species: Otter
Place of Origin: Tungro's Holt
Gender: Male
Weapon: Natural Defenses (especially teeth), Pole, Sholabar's Axe
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Legend of Luke

Folgrim was the son of Bargud, the brother of Tungro, the grandson of Daddo, and the nephew of Garraway Bullow, Warthorn and Riverwyte. Folgrim was said to resemble Riverwyte in his warrior ways.

Folgrim was originally a member of Tungro's Holt. He was described as being a stoic, silent creature who rarely smiled and a fiercer warrior than Tungro despite being younger. After they drove off a vermin attack on their holt, Folgrim gave chase alone, and was captured by vermin. They tortured him for two seasons. When he returned, he had only one eye, crippled paws, many deep scars all over his body, and a ruined mind. Folgrim had great trouble readjusting to normal life in the holt and was banished several times for cannibalism and violent, inappropriate behavior. Each time Folgrim left, however, his brother forgave him and sought him out.

Folgrim was found by Martin the Warrior and his companions, after a particularly gruesome encounter with Sholabar and his vermin band. When Folgrim met Chugger, a mischievous and funny baby squirrel, the crazed otter suddenly laughed. Noting the change in his brother, Tungro accepted to let Martin and his companion bring Folgrim on their quest. During the course of their adventures, thanks to Chugger's friendship and the care of Trimp the Rover, Folgrim gradually healed in mind and regained a taste for vegetarian food. Folgrim proved to be a very reliable and loyal companion and was recognized as a warrior by all who met him.

Folgrim was eventually welcome again into the holt when he returned from his journey, and settled down with his uncle, Skipper Warthorn in Redwall Abbey.

Not to be confused with Forgrin.