"Found... And Lost"

Production #
Original U.S. Airdate
April 24, 2001
Original Canadian Airdate
Running time
Written by
Toby Roberts
Directed by
Raymond Jafelice, Luc Bihan


Official Synopsis

Mattimeo and the slaves make their first attempt to escape, valiantly led by Tess Churchmouse, and Mattimeo takes another short step towards his birthright of leadership. Matthias is now chasing them in the right general direction and with the badger and hedgehog reinforcements discovers Scurl and exchange his life for accurate directions toward Slagar and the slaves.

At Redwall Abbey, Baby Rollo unravels the dream clue and the Redwall company follow the little folk-- the ants-- and so begin their own strange journey of pursuit which leads them to more cryptic clues which they struggle to solve. Something in the riddle will help them to help Matthias in pursuit of their young ones. The Past and the Present move towards a combined destiny-- but what?

As Mattimeo and company hide from Slagar, Matthias and his companions approach the very gorge where Slagar secretly awaits them. As they enter a cave carefully baited with slave tracks, Slagar triumphantly causes a landslide which buries them-- along with all hopes of rescue.

Differences from Mattimeo

  • In the book, Vitch and Browntooth go into the water to search for the escaped Redwallers, but in the TV series, it is Vitch and Threeclaws who go into the water.
  • In the TV series, Tess requires help from Mattimeo retrieving Fleaback's dagger from the stream, in the book, she picks it up with none of the other slaves noticing.
  • In the book, only Cornflower, Winifred, Rollo, and some moles went into Abbess Germaine's tomb as Constance was too large to fit inside. In the episode, Constance went too.
  • In the book, it is Wedgeback that drops his dagger, not Fleaback.


Segments include:

  • "Redwall Food"
  • "Making Medieval Sausage"
  • "Character Spotlight: Vitch"
  • "Redwall Trivia"
  • "Ask the Author: Brian Jacques - "If you could meet one character, who would you meet and why?"
Redwall TV Featurette Found..

Redwall TV Featurette Found... And Lost

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