"Freedom and Monsters"

Production #
Original U.S. Airdate
May 26, 2002
Original Canadian Airdate
Running time
Written by
Michelle Goodeve
Directed by
Luc Bihan


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Official Synopsis

Martin and friends leave Polleekin and continue into the woods where Grumm is attacked by angry bees and is only saved when Rose soothes and sings the bees to sleep. Camping for the night, Rose deciphers another piece of Polleekin's riddle map. Confiding in Martin, she describes her magical home of Noonvale as well as her worries about her brother, Brome. Outside Marshank, Brome, Felldoh, Ballaw and the players enter disguised as entertainers and delight the pirates-- but Badrang remains suspicious. As the show continues, Felldoh manages to find his father in the slave compound and they all escape over the wall-- but the alarm is raised by the treacherous Druwp.

Badrang realizes Ballaw's trickery just as Felldoh leads a rearguard action. Seeing old Barkjon's life threatened by Druwp, Felldoh is forced to kill the traitor. The remaining slaves manage to escape and in the confusion Badrang's soldiers and Clogg's pirates end up fighting each other. Martin and friends hear a terrible voice and come face to face with the Mirdop! As it threatens to destroy them, Rose courageously seizes a thick branch and rushes at the monster...straight into its arms!

Differences from Martin the Warrior

  • In the book, Druwp doesn't try to kill Barkjon, and Felldoh kills him as he tries to escape the battle.
  • Pallum goes with Martin and Rose to save Grumm from the bees. However, in the book, he stayed behind.
  • The Player's performance was shortened in the episode.


Courage is the moment when ordinary beings become extraordinary. A warrior is somebody that others don't look at, it's a person others look to. And that's a person who has courage. (repurposed from Malkariss (Redwall Season 2))

Segments include:


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