Place of Origin:The Land of Ice and Snow
Weapon: Curved sword, Bow and Arrows
Death: Mutual kill with Brigadier Buckworthy Crumshaw
Appears: Rakkety Tam
"We need more brain than brawn. I have the brain!"

Freeta was a female white fox from the Land of Ice and Snow, who served in Gulo the Savage's army. She was the mate of Captain Shard, and was very ambitious and extremely smart. She and Shard looked on Gulo as nothing more than a dangerous weapon to be used to suit their ends; when this backfired, and Shard was slain during a battle with woodlanders, Freeta swore revenge on the wolverine.

Later, under orders from Gulo, Freeta went to attack Redwall Abbey with Captain Zerig and about fifty other hordebeasts. During the ensuing siege, Freeta showed her cunning and ingenuity, eventually persuading the Captain that he should betray Gulo, and that the two of them should take the Abbey for themselves. Her plan was to place some decoys on the field where they were to battle the Long Patrol, while herself and a dozen others made their way into the Abbey grounds via ropes and grapnels. They would open one of the smaller wallgates, opening the Abbey to invasion by Zerig and the rest of the army; with the pursuing goodbeasts (and Gulo) subsequently locked outside, she and Zerig would have both the plunder and the freedom they desired.

The plan went well at first; Freeta and her squadron managed to enter the Abbey Grounds. However, before Zerig could arrive, Freeta found herself confronted by Brigadier Buckworthy Crumshaw. The hare had been left behind because of a shoulder injury, and charged upon the vermin when he saw them trying to force an entrance to the main Abbey building. Freeta wounded him fatally with several arrows, but in his last breath the hare managed to grab her blade and run her through; they died side by side in a clump of bushes.

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