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Friar Hugo

Hugo from the Redwall TV Series

Species: Mouse
Place of Origin: Redwall Abbey
Gender: Male
Death: Killed by Slagar the Cruel
Appears: Redwall, Mattimeo, The Great Redwall Feast, The Redwall Cookbook
Voice(s): Andrew Gillies (Redwall); Dave Foode (Redwall); Paul Greene (Mattimeo)
TV Series: Season 1

Friar Hugo worked in the Kitchen of Redwall Abbey. He was known to constantly hold a fan in his tail to keep cool from the heat of the kitchens. He was considered one of the best cooks Redwall ever had, making such concoctions as "Grayling a la Redwall" and "Special Abbot's Trifle."

He caught Chickenhound stealing food and goods, and chased him until the fox murdered Methuselah, at which point Hugo gave up the chase, completely in shock. When Cluny the Scourge attacked Redwall, Hugo was pursued by the rat and trapped in the Bell Tower until Matthias cut the rope of the Joseph Bell, killing Cluny and rescuing him.

Hugo taught Sister Pansy numerous recipes and was considered such a good cook that when he took a day off, Sister Pansy and others secretly used his own recipe book, afraid to use their own recipes in case they were not up to par. Hugo eventually anointed Sister Pansy the new Head Cook of Redwall, but still assisted in many Kitchen duties afterwards. His excellent cooking skills came with a price - he was pestered incessantly by Basil Stag Hare and Basil's nephew Tummscoff, who loved food to the point of obsession.

When Slagar the Cruel and his gang entered Redwall disguised as a circus, Hugo was the only one besides John Churchmouse, Lettie Bankvole, and Rollo to not be at the table when Slagar drugged all abbeydwellers' drinks with hypnotics. Hugo attempted to pursue the gang when they kidnapped several Redwaller children, but Slagar and his gang killed Friar Hugo along with Lettie Bankvole. Basil discovered his body a short time later, and was deeply moved at the loss of his friend. The hare vowed to find his killers; a vow which he kept by going on the quest after Slagar. However, he never had the chance to actually fight Slagar, so Hugo was ultimately avenged by Matthias and Orlando.


  • In Redwall, Friar Hugo is said to fan himself with a dandelion. However, in Mattimeo, he is described as using a dockleaf to fan himself with.
  • He was indirectly responsible for Methuselah's murder and Asmodeus' assault on Chickenhound. Ironically, Chickenhound killed him later as Slagar the Cruel.