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Species: Sea Otter
Place of Origin: High North Coast
Gender: Male
Weapon: Bow and Arrows
Death: Shot with poison darts
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Garrent was a headstrong, disobedient male otter in Skor Axehound's Rogue Crew.

When the Rogue Crew joined forces with the Long Patrol, Ruggan Axehound ordered Garrent and Bartuk to question the patrol's captive vermin Crumdun. The two otters were unnecessarily cruel to the stoat, who had already surrendered willingly. They tortured him and would have slain him; however, Nubbs Miggory stepped in on Crumdun's behalf, and boxed Bartuk and Garrent into submission. The two were highly offended by this action and reported Miggory to Ruggan, temporarily putting the hare and otter at odds with one another.

As the Rogue Crew, Long Patrol and Guosim fled Ketral Vane's band, Garrent stayed behind, firing his arrows at the oncoming enemy. Skor ordered him to run, but he refused; in consequence, he was slain by several poison darts fired at him.

Garrent was a minor character; nothing further is known about him.