Year Published: 1971/1973
Illustrator: Bill Tidy
Page Count: 52
ISBN: ISBN 08597700014

Get Yer Wack, front cover


Get Yer Wack, back cover

Get Yer Wack: A Liverpool Anthology is the first known published work of Brian Jacques. It was first published by Anvil Press in 1971 (ISBN B0007BLCU4) , and was later re-released by Raven Books in December 1973 as Get Yer Wack: An Anthology of Liverpool Humour. The cover photographs, taken by Susan P. Place, depict Jacques on Liverpool's Albert Dock. The book is in paperback form, and features illustrations by Bill Tidy.

Interestingly, the book is credited "J B Jaques".

"Wack" was Scouse dialect for a working class native of Liverpool. Another perhaps more famous instance of this word is in the song "Dear Wack!", by 1960s Liverpool pop group, The Beatles.

According to Brian Jacques, "get yer wack" is a way of saying "make sure you get your share" or "make sure you get all that's due to you."


Get Yer Wack is not a novel, but a collection of Liverpudlian short stories, poems, and humorous songs. The original recommended price was £0.40p, or roughly $0.75.

The book is divided into 5 different chapters.

Several selections from chapter 3, "Adam an' Eve", "Let my People Go", "Caynanable", "Sampson and Delicious", and "The First Rebel" would later make their way into According to Jacques.

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