Gingivere Greeneyes

Gingivere Greeneyes

Place of Origin:Northlands
Weapon: Natural defenses
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mossflower
Voice(s): Sam A. Mowry (Escape the Gloomer)
Games: Escape the Gloomer

Gingivere Greeneyes was a young male wildcat who was the grandson of King Mortspear, son of Verdauga, the brother of Tsarmina, the mate of Sandingomm, the nephew of Ungatt Trunn and the distant ancestor of Julian. Gingivere was an anomaly in that he was a truly "good" wildcat, unlike his cruel sister Tsarmina.

After his sister murdered his father, Gingivere was blamed for this treachery, as Tsarmina made sure that it was always him who gave the 'medicine' to their father, and was imprisoned in the dungeons of Kotir for about a full season. His name was forbidden to be said by anyone in Kotir.

After befriending Ferdy and Coggs Stickle, who were also imprisoned, Gingivere sheltered them in his own cell, creating tunnels on either side of his cell to allow them to escape into it. The group then pretended that Ferdy and Coggs had escaped Kotir entirely. This was an especially effective ruse, since as Gingivere was officially nonexistent, it was unlikely his cell would be searched closely by anyone except Tsarmina. In order to prevent this, Gingivere pretended to have gone completely insane, speaking in a crazed voice and giggling, claiming that Tsarmina herself had allowed Ferdy and Coggs to escape in order to claim their rations of bread and water. When Ferdy sneezed, Gingivere claimed that he was the one who had sneezed and feigned that he was sick and dying from lack of food.

The group was rescued by Mask, who was sent by the Corim for them. From here, Gingivere trekked eastward across Mossflower Woods and eventually settled with another "good" wildcat, Sandingomm, and lived at the Farm near the quarry. Even though he was living in the farmhouse, Tsarmina believed that he was thinking up all of the woodlanders' schemes that they used to destroy Kotir. She became crazed with the idea of revenge, convinced that he was hiding in or near Kotir, and even killed one of her own soldiers that had been sent to tell her, convinced in her madness that the soldier was Gingivere in disguise. Later, when fighting Martin the Warrior, she initially believed that her brother Gingivere had returned to try to take Kotir from her.