The Great Hall is the largest and most ornate room in Redwall Abbey. The first room after one enters the main Abbey doors, Great Hall features large and beautiful stained glass windows, great imposing columns, a high roofbeam ceiling, a sandstone floor, and a large brazier where fires are lit during winter.

This is where the tapestry of Martin the Warrior is proudly displayed and where the Abbot's chair is placed. These precious items give the Great Hall a special importance, both strategic and spiritual.

The stairs leading into Great Hall from Cavern Hole hide the pathway to Martin the Warrior's tomb.

The Great Hall is primarily used for official functions, meetings and important feasts, such as the Great Feast and Nameday, on which occasion a special Great Hall cake is prepared.

During times of crisis the Great Hall is sometimes used to tend the wounded, in place of the infirmary. The Great Hall is connected to The Cellar below via a passageway. A spiral staircase leads from this room to the dormitories located above.