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The Great Mossflower War was an armed rebellion against the cruel Greeneyes wildcat monarchy by the woodlander residents of Mossflower Woods. Led by the Corim, the resistance came to a head after the assassination of Lord Verdauga Greeneyes and the usurpation of his throne by Tsarmina Greeneyes.


For seasons, the residents of Mossflower lived under the peaceful rule of Brock family badgers. One autumn, Verdauga Greeneyes and his Thousand Eye Army arrived in the region, and took over the aging fortress Kotir. Almost immediately, they began violently oppressing the natives and stealing their food.

The woodlanders, led by Barkstripe, attempted to fight back, however they failed, and Barkstripe was slain. In response to this rebellion, Verdauga agreed to protect the woodlanders from exterior threats in exchange for 50% of their food.

Forced to retreat into Mossflower Woods, the woodlanders established the Council of Resistance in Mossflower (Corim) to formulate a plan to free themselves and all of Mossflower from the tyrannical Greeneyes rule.

Initially, the Corim's tactics consisted of little more than Gonff the Mousethief stealing food from the stores of Kotir and aiding malnourished woodlanders. It was on one such venture that Gonff met Martin the Warrior, who had been imprisoned by Verdauga upon his arrival to the area just some days earlier. Gonff freed Martin and together they escaped Kotir, with provisions in tow.

In the meantime, Verdauga's daughter Tsarmina, believing her father to be old and weak, poisoned him and seized control of the Thousand Eye Army.

Martin, an experienced fighter and veteran of successful battles against fascist leaders, was swiftly incorporated into the Corim's efforts, and soon, with the help of Gonff and Young Dinny, found clues that led them to Salamandastron in search of Boar the Fighter, a badger lord and former ruler of Mossflower. Unfortunately, Boar came under attack from searats just a day after their arrival, and was killed by his longtime foe. Martin and his friends, along with a number of Long Patrol hares, sailed the searats' captured ship back to Mossflower, where Martin took full command of the Corim's efforts.

During their absence, conflict mounted between the Corim and the Thousand Eye Army. Several skirmishes took place between the opposing sides, such as when Tsarmina Greeneyes released the violent creature Gloomer into Mossflower Woods, only for it to be killed by Stormfin. Upon discovering the secret underground chamber where the Gloomer had previously been kept, the Corim began efforts to partially divert the River Moss into it, hoping to flood Kotir's inhabitants out permanently.

A tunnel was constructed, but the Corim learned that completely flooding the chamber would take several seasons. The return of Martin the Warrior and his party gave rise to a scheme to dam the River Moss, resulting in a much faster rate of flooding. The operation was a complete success, and the rate of flooding in Kotir increased dramatically. Kotir's flooding severely weakened it structurally, and also forced the vermin army to abandon the fortress, greatly leveling the playing field between the two forces. With the vermin soldiers surprised and unprepared, the Corim mounted a final assault on Tsarmina and her army.

With Martin the Warrior at the helm, Lady Amber and Skipper's respective forces were placed in charge of most of the fighting in the final battle, but they were assisted by the Long Patrol hares who had come with Martin's party of recruits. The Thousand Eye Army was sent out to meet the woodlanders, but they were quickly defeated due to the woodlanders' ferocity, and at Martin's request the vermin survivors were allowed safe passage back to Kotir, in an effort to show that the Corim were not merciless killers. A ballista built by Timballisto struck Kotir partway through the battle, destroying what little of the fortress hadn't already been flooded out.

Martin the Warrior, in an attempt to demoralize the vermin army with the loss of their leader, challenged Tsarmina to single-combat as she tried to escape the ruins of her sinking fortress. The pair fought a long and grueling battle along the walls of Kotir, eventually ending in Tsarmina drowning in the flooded courtyard. The rest of the army, leaderless and losing to the woodlanders, surrendered. The surviving vermin were forever banished from Mossflower country.

Some major events that occurred include:

  • The rescue of Ferdy Stickle, Coggs Stickle, and Gingivere Greeneyes by Mask.
  • The discovery of the secret passage into Kotir by the mole crew and the Loamhedge mice.
  • The flooding of Kotir.
  • The destruction of Kotir via ballista (designed by Timballisto).
  • The death of Tsarmina Greeneyes, leader of the vermin forces.