Halftail killing Drynose

Species: Stoat
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Weapon: Dagger, Sword and rod, Spear in Redwall TV Series
Death: Killed by Snakespur
Appears: Mattimeo
TV Series: Season 2

Halftail was one of the main slavers in the gang of Slagar the Cruel. A cruel stoat, Halftail carried a rod and a dagger. He and a weasel named Threeclaws were rivals for the position of second-in-command in the gang.

As the slave-lines reached the ruins of Loamhedge Abbey, Slagar secretly deserted his slavers, taking the slaves with him, but before he left he told both Halftail and Threeclaws that he was leaving them in charge. This turned them against each other. The discovery of Slagar's desertion led to a mutiny among the slavers, the weasels and a ferret named Scringe taking Threeclaws' side, and the single stoat, Bageye, supporting Halftail. Halftail killed Drynose and Scringe, and wounded Skinpaw, but he was killed in turn by Snakespur after he and Wartclaw killed Bageye.

In the Redwall TV Series, Halftail was depicted as having a stubby tail to give him an appearance that fits his name.

Halftail from the Redwall TV Series

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