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Hisk from Redwall TV Series

Species: Weasel
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Weapon: Whip, Dagger, Spear
Death: Killed by arrows fired by other members of Badrang's horde, who mistook him for the enemy
Appears: Martin the Warrior

Hisk was a weasel captain and the head slavedriver in Badrang the Tyrant's horde. He had a narrow build and usually carried a whip and dagger. One fateful morning, he chose to whip the squirrel Barkjon, who had collapsed from the heat. Hisk was attacked by Martin the Warrior, whose execution was ordered soon after. Hisk was promoted to the rank of aide when Skalrag the fox died.

After he became Badrang’s new aide, Hisk and the other vermin watched the Rambling Rosehip Players’ performance, while Felldoh helped the slaves escape. The plan was going smoothly until Druwp saw the slaves escaping and warned the horde. Hisk was among the many vermin who tried to prevent the slaves from escaping, but ultimately failed.

After the slaves escaped from Fort Marshank, Hisk and a group of trackers were sent out to find them; find, but not attack. They were discovered by Felldoh, who drove them off with his newfound javelin throwing skills. Hisk realized he was quickly losing his trackers, and decided to retreat back to Marshank, his work being done anyway. Unfortunately, when he approached the fortress at dark, the lookout Boggs mistook him and his crew for enemies, Badrang ordered the archers to fire, killing Hisk and his trackers.

Later when Badrang found out he had mistakenly slain Hisk, he ordered Tramun Clogg to dig a grave for Hisk.


  • In the book, Hisk is seen whipping Barkjon, repeatedly. This did not occur in the TV series.
  • When the slaves escape, Hisk assists Badrang; in the TV series, he is seen attempting to hijack the Rambling Rosehip Players' cart.