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Hortwill (Horty) Longblade Braebuck


Species: Hare
Place of Origin: Northern Mountains
Gender: Male
Weapon: Darrat Spear and a Spear from Kharanjul's Horde, later Raga Bol's Scimitar
Death: Unknown
Appears: Loamhedge

Hortwill Longblade Braebuck, also known as Horty, was a young and headstrong male hare; he was also the brother of Martha, a haremaid confined to a wheelchair. When he was practically a Dibbun, he arrived at Redwall from the Northlands, along with his grandmother, who died of exhaustion, and his sister Martha. Accompanied by Springald and Fenna, Horty left Redwall Abbey secretly to accompany Bragoon and Sarobando to find the cure for Martha's illness, which was allegedly at Loamhedge. He suffered many injuries along the way, none of them life-threatening.

Horty, like most hares, loved food; throughout the long trek to Loamhedge, he constantly complained about the rationing. He once even sang a song about cider and tea to make his friends thristy enough to stop and have a drink. Also like many hares, he was a good runner, and showed this by outrunning a group of vermin to lead them away from his friends. Upon arriving at the ruins of Loamhedge, Horty encountered a dormouse named Toobledum, who discovered the hare was also a fine cook.

After Bragoon and Saro's deaths, Horty, Springald, and Fenna returned to Redwall. Horty carried the Sword of Martin, which Bragoon had taken with him, back to the Abbey. He unwittingly nearly became Abbot because of this, due to a prophecy that whoever returned the sword would be Abbot Carrul's successor. However, he managed to injure himself while showing off with the sword, and Fenna was the one who carried it in through the Abbey Gates, much to everybeast's relief.

Horty then left with Lonna Bowstripe for Salamandastron, and went on to become a respected captain in the Long Patrol, wielding a scimitar taken from the dead searat Raga Bol. Later, he returned to Redwall to visit Martha, who was surprised at how mature he had become.


  • He is not to be confused with Hortwingle.
  • "Brae" is Scots dialect for the crest of a hill. Buck is the proper term for a male hare or rabbit. Ergo, his surname means "Hare from the hilltop".