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Inbar Trueflight


Species: Otter
Place of Origin: Holt Rudderwake
Gender: Male
Weapon: Bow with red-fletched Arrows, Cleckstarr Lepus Montisle's short axe
Death: Unknown
Appears: Pearls of Lutra

Inbar Trueflight was a large, sinewy, dark-furred male otter from Holt Rudderwake. He was the son of Wallyum Rudderwake and Dorumee, the brother of Winniegold and the eventual partner of Grath Longfletch. His weapon of choice was a large bow and red-fletched arrows. Before the arrival of Grath, Martin II, Clecky, Viola Bankvole, Plogg, and Welko, Inbar had never fought or never killed another beast. He had lived his entire life at Ruddaring in peace and plenty. However, he decided to leave his home and travel with Grath to Sampetra to help overthrow the evil pine marten Ublaz Mad Eyes, where he tasted battle for the first time. Inbar could speak with the seafolk.

After Abbot Durral was rescued and Ublaz was slain, Inbar returned to Holt Rudderwake with Grath.