The Infirmary is the sickbay region of the Redwall Abbey. Sick or injured beasts are usually sent here for proper caretaking. The Infirmary is generally run by a Sister or Brother with experience in healing, although in Redwall, the Abbot was in charge of the infimary and cared for patients himself.

The infirmary is located on the same floor as the dormitories. The cupboards of the infirmary are filled with herbs, roots, and poultices prepared by the caretakers to cure injuries and illnesses.

During the siege of Redwall in Mattimeo, General Ironbeak and his army conquered the Infirmary briefly.

When Redwall was struck by Dryditch Fever, the Infirmary became so full that it had to be expanded into the upper-gallery dormitory.

Known Caretakers

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