Jabez Stump

Jabez Stump

Species: Hedgehog
Place of Origin: Mossflower Woods
Gender: Male
Weapon: Daggers, sling
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mattimeo
TV Series: Season 2

Jabez Stump was the male hedgehog husband of Rosyqueen, the father of Jube and 10 daughters, a descendant of Josh Stump, and the grandfather of Friar Higgle Stump and Furlo Stump. His family lived on the Great South Plateau for many generations.

When his son was taken by Slagar the Cruel, Jabez joined Matthias, Basil Stag Hare, Jess Squirrel, and their companions to pursue the fox.

After Slagar was defeated, Jabez and his family relocated to Redwall Abbey, where he helped Ambrose Spike in the cellars. The Stump family thereafter became known for being cellarkeepers.

Jabez from the Redwall TV Series

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