Joseph the Bellmaker


Place of Origin:Unknown, somewhere far south
Weapon: Quarterstave, Dagger
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mariel of Redwall, The Bellmaker
Mentioned: Taggerung
Voice(s): Gordon Hall (Mariel of Redwall)

Joseph the Bellmaker was the father of Mariel Gullwhacker, and as his name indicated, a skilled bellmaker. During a voyage to deliver a bell to Lord Rawnblade Widestripe at Salamandastron, his ship the Periwinkle was captured by searats under the command of Gabool the Wild. Joseph became a slave under the corsair, but was thrown out of the window at his Terramort Isle fortress by the insane beast. However, he survived the fall and founded the Terramort Resistance Against Gabool, or Trag, which eventually defeated Gabool. During his time as the leader of Trag, he led a boarding party of some 20 mice who commandeered the Seatalon; and he personally slew its captain Catseyes, thus freeing Dandin and Durry Quill, not to mention the rest of the slaves on board.


Joseph and Urgan Nagru as they appear on the cover of The Bellmaker

Joseph went to Redwall Abbey where he lived for many seasons until Martin the Warrior, Mariel, and her friend Dandin appeared in his dream and directed him to Southsward, along with Hon Rosie, Rufe Brush, Foremole, and Durry Quill, befriending Finnbarr Galedeep along the way. They captured the Pearl Queen and sailed to Southsward. After the defeat of Urgan Nagru, the southern kingdom was restored to its rightful leader, Gael Squirrelking. Joseph stayed in Southsward, with his friends Benjy, Wincey, and Figgs, to help restore order and craft a bell in honor of those who died in the battle.

Joseph was well liked by many creatures, and usually the most observant and reserved in a group. He was the first of the crew to realize that the Pearl Queen had sailed into the Roaringburn.

Later, Joseph was given the titles "King's Adviser", "Honorary Commander to the Army of Southsward", and "Lord Warden of Castle Floret".