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Species: Weasel
Place of Origin: Southwest Lands
Gender: Male
Weapon: Short sword, pike
Death: Indirectly poisoned by Farran the Poisoner
Appears: Salamandastron

Klitch was a young male weasel and the son of Ferahgo the Assassin. He was cocky, intelligent, and more or less the spitting image of his father, including the brilliant blue eyes. He wore a smart yellow tunic, a woven belt, and thick bone bracelets. His primary weapon was a short sword that he wore at his side, that was later snapped in two by Urthstripe.

When Ferahgo decided to focus his attention on Salamandastron's supposed badger treasure, he sent Klitch and his ferret cohort Goffa to feign friendliness with the young runaway badger Mara and her hare friend Pikkle in order to gain trouble-free entrance into the mountain. Mara and Pikkle were immediately smitten with Klitch's charm and confidence, and the pair was able to convince Lord Urthstripe to allow them entrance, a meal and a room for the night. Klitch was therefore able to survey the mountain's defenses, passageways and force numbers to relay back to his father.

Klitch was for the most part an intelligent and clever weasel, and constantly teased his father about being past his prime. He loved power and lived for the moments where Ferahgo would give Klitch some control over the army or strategy. His overconfidence, however, occasionally got him into trouble. Had Klitch made it past the brashness of adolescence, he would've made as fine a warlord as his father. However, after Ferahgo's death, Klitch was exhausted from battle and still trapped, undiscovered, within the mountain; he then drank some of the water that had been poisoned during one of his father's previous strategies involving Farran the Poisoner, and died almost instantly, but ironically believing his luck had changed for the better due to finding water.