Korvus Skurr

Korvus Skurr with Sicariss

Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Killed by Zaran the Black
Appears: Doomwyte

Korvus Skurr was the raven leader of the Doomwytes, and a descendant of Rigvar Skurr.

Skurr's goal was to restore pride and glory to his horde by retrieving the eyes of the Great Doomwyte Idol, stolen seasons past by Gonff the Mousethief.

Skurr was incredibly superstitious, and wore a smoothsnake named Sicariss as a crown, who acted as his adviser. Sicariss exploited Skurr's paranoia, and the raven believed the snake could communicate with a catfish who resided in a lake inside his lair, Welzz. He was dependent on advice from Welzz (really Sicariss) on most issues, and made sacrifices of enemies and some of his Wytes for the fish to devour.

At one point in his reign, Korvus was responsible for the death of Zaran the Black's mate and daughter, causing her to swear revenge against the Doomwyte by attempting to bury the raven within his own realm.

He made a pact with Baliss the Slayer, the blind adder, to bring fear to Redwall Abbey for him. Skurr later regretted having done this when Baliss started killing his Wytes. Baliss terrified the raven, who was clearly afraid of him.

Korvus attempted to escape Baliss through the entryway of his lair, but was killed by Zaran the Black in revenge for murdering her family.


  • Korvus' name is derived from the Latin word "corvus," meaning raven.
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