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Krar Woodwatcher


Species: Goshawk
Place of Origin: Mossflower Woods
Gender: Male
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Legend of Luke

Krar Woodwatcher was a goshawk living in Mossflower Woods at the time when Martin the Warrior went questing for knowledge of his father. Krar considered himself the lord of the area he lived in, and patrolled it as a knight would his lands. He was a ferocious warrior, but he also possessed a strong sense of honor and chivalry, and spoke in a very old-fashioned manner. He was very deferential to Gonff and Martin. Krar often unintentionally knocked beasts over in his landings.

Krar encountered Trimp while she was searching for the lost Chugger, and spoke with Gonff, revealing that Chugger had been taken prisoner by a colony of crows in the area. Krar was much abashed when Gonff--realizing Krar's noble character--chided Krar for allowing such a thing to happen in his domain. Martin joined in, offering Krar a chance to redeem himself by rescuing the squirrelbabe. Krar depinioned the leader of the crows and forced them to return Chugger.

Later, Krar aided Martin's party once more when they were attacked by an angry male swan defending his nest. Krar dove out of the sky and courageously struck the swan with his full force, allowing the friends to escape. He met them again on their journey back to Redwall Abbey. After Martin returned to Redwall, Krar hid the Sword of Martin the Warrior on the abbey roof where Martin told him to, until it would be needed again.


  • Krar and Tergen were the only Goshawks in the Redwall series.