Lady Cregga Rose Eyes

Badger Ruler

Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Known Predecessor:Orlando the Axe
Known Successor:Russano the Wise
Weapon:Spear, Battlepike, Axepike, longbow
Death:Shot with an arrow by Vallug Bowbeast
Appears:The Long Patrol, Marlfox, Taggerung
"Madder than midwinter, stronger than a four-topped oak, temper like lightnin', full 'o the Bloodwrath."
Russa Nodrey

Lady Cregga Rose Eyes was a female badger ruler of Salamandastron.

As Ruler of Salamandastron

Cregga was an extremely powerful warrioress and strongly affected by the Bloodwrath, which tinged her eyes a perpetual pink, hence her name. This earned her the titles of "Wild-eyed Warrior Queen" and "Belle of the Bloodwrath". As Badger Lady, Cregga commanded a very strong Long Patrol that was over a thousand hares in number. Though her mood was unpredictable and her temper flared randomly, she was greatly respected and loved. Her weapon of choice was a fearsome pike with an axehead on one side and a sharpened hook on the other. And, as a skilled forgebeast, she made it herself. As the sworn enemy of all Rapscallions, she eventually killed the Greatrat leader Damug Warfang at the Battle of the Ridge of a Thousand. However, in the process she was blinded by slashes inflicted by Damug.

After healing, the blind badger took up the position of Badger Mother at Redwall Abbey, where she lived out her seasons fairly peacefully.

As Badger Mother of Redwall

Cregga was the adopted mother of the young badger Russano, an orphan found by her Long Patrol named after Russa Nodrey by Rockjaw Grang, who eventually succeeded her as Lord of the mountain. As Badger Mother at Redwall, Cregga was a guardian of Dibbuns and an invaluable source of wisdom and good advice.

She was still war-like; in Marlfox, Cregga was injured during the Marlfoxes' first attack. She also used a longbow, guided by Ellayo Swifteye, to slay the Marlfox Ascrod.

She lived through the Abbey leadership of Abbess Tansy, Abbot Arven, Abbess Songbreeze Swifteye (with whom she became great friends), and Abbess Mhera. There was a time period where there was no Abbot or Abbess in charge of the Abbey; because of this she acted as temporary Abbess.

Near the end of her vast lifespan she took an arrow in the chest from the bow of Vallug Bowbeast, and was fatally injured. It should be noted, however, that were it not for Cregga's extreme age at this time, it is possible and maybe even probable that she would have survived. A great feast was thrown in her honor and she died shortly afterward.


  • Friar Butty said "It looks like our badger has lost an ear" following one of the battles of Marlfox, but it is not mentioned in any other novels so he may have been mistaken.
  • Despite her warlike younger seasons, Cregga lived a tremendously long life, spanning three entire Redwall novels, so she is considered one of the oldest creatures in all of Redwall.
  • Since she died, Redwall Abbey has not had any known Badger Mothers.
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