Place of Origin:Southwest Lands
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: Salamandastron

Loambudd was the wife of Urthclaw, the mother of Urthound, the grandmother of Urthstripe and Urthwyte, and mother-in-law to Urthrun. She had been a mighty fighter in her younger days. After Ferahgo the Assassin killed Urthhound and Urthrun, she went to their home to search for her grandsons.

Loambudd was only able to find Urthwyte, and raised him to adulthood on a lone island before he took over as the Badger Lord of Salamandastron shortly after the death of his brother Urthstripe, whom he barely knew. Loambudd later lived in the mountain fortress with Urthwyte.

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