Loamhedge Abbey was a communal society, and the pre-cursor to Redwall Abbey, located southeast of Mossflower country. It was located in a desert region even though it was in a fertile dry temperate valley, similar to the Nile region in Egypt.

Originally started by Abbess Sylvaticus, the purpose of the Abbey was to be a place of peace. However, when a plague brought upon by vermin caused many residents to either get very sick or die, Abbess Germaine and Columbine took the rest of the healthy citizens away to Mossflower Woods, where she drew up the plans for a new Abbey, Redwall. Sister Amyl ended up going along, when she found a cure for her legs that did not work.(see Loamhedge)

After the death of Abbess Germaine, the exact location of Loamhedge Abbey was forgotten for many generations. However, some clues to its whereabouts were hidden in Redwall Abbey.

As the Loamhedge building began to decay and rot from earthquakes and time, other beasts soon took up residence. This included Malkariss and his hordes, as well as Toobledum and Bubbub.

In Redwall's present, it remained as completely crushed stones under the Lord of Mossflower's valley.

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Loamhedge Abbey appears in Mattimeo and Loamhedge, and is mentioned in Mossflower.


In the Redwall TV Series, Loamhedge is portrayed as being made of some sort of white stone with blue roofing.

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