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Species: Shrew
Place of Origin: Mossflower Woods
Gender: Male
Weapon: Shrew rapier
Death: Killed by Fenno
Appears: Marlfox

Log-a-Log was a shrew chieftain who was well respected in the Guosim. He was like a father to the young shrew Dippler. However, he was at odds with Fenno, a traitorous shrew who was constantly bullying Dippler. One day, some Marlfoxes stole the logboats of Log-a-Log's tribe. The tribe traveled to Redwall Abbey in order to warn the abbeydwellers that the Marlfoxes were in the surrounding area.

Log-a-Log participated in an ambush against the Marlfoxes and their water rat servants. During the battle, he tripped, and Fenno, seeing his chance, threw his rapier at Log-a-Log and killed him. This was not realized due to the chaos of battle until later. Fenno, like all cowards, then fled.

Fenno later found Dippler and challenged the young shrew to a one-on-one. Dippler fought in Log-a-Log's name and slew Fenno. Dippler later succeeded Log-a-Log in becoming the new chieftain.

Tribe Members