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For other uses, see Long Patrol (disambiguation).

A group of Long Patrol hares

The Long Patrol is a specialized elite army of hares that reside at Salamandastron. They're usually led by the resident Badger Ruler of the mountain. Like a military, the Long Patrol is divided into a specific hierarchy of rank and function. Though hares have served under a badger at Salamandastron for as long as anyone can remember, it was the first modern badger lord, Lord Brocktree, who organized them into an actual regiment that took the name "Long Patrol." Prior to this, the fighting hares of Salamandastron were called "Stonepaw's Stalwarts."

The Long Patrol has seen many different levels of size and organization over the seasons and reached a peak under the leadership of Russano the Wise, who commanded a force of more than 1,000 hares. The size has fluctuated constantly with different Badger Lords. Under Rawnblade Widestripe and Boar the Fighter there seemed to be around 10 hares, while under Urthstripe the Strong there were approximately 40 hares. However, Sunflash the Mace and Brocktree were both said to have had large numbers. Since Lady Cregga Rose Eyes also commanded about 1,000 hares at the mountain, the numbers appear consistent.

Hares of the Long Patrol are perilous in battle and feared by vermin everywhere. Though they are occasionally lazy and almost always eat a lot, the hares are good creatures whose goal is to rid the land of evil.

Long Patrol hares from Outcast of Redwall

Known Members of the Long Patrol

The following known members of the Long Patrol are classed by rank, from highest to lowest.









Master Sergeants
  • Bann (appears in High Rhulain)
Colour Sergeants


Lance Corporals



Other Long Patrol Members

Specialized Units

Fur and Foot Fighters Border Patrol

The Fur and Foot Fighters Border Patrol was established to patrol the borders around Salamandastron, up and down the sea coast a little distance, and back towards Mossflower Woods. They didn't make the rounds as far as the Long Patrol, thus giving them the name "Border" Patrol.


The Sleepers were a group of hares in the Long Patrol led by Captain Hedgepaw. They were named sleepers after their strategy of lying in wait in shallow trenches, covered by sand smoothed over reed mats. They used guerrilla combat, wherein they waited until the enemies were sufficiently close, leapt out of the trenches, hurled javelins at the front row and retreated back to the mountain. Another purpose of this was to encourage the vermin to chase after them, so that they would not notice trenches lined with sharp stakes and fall into them.

Notes & Trivia

  • Master Sergeant (Bann) isn't a British Army rank, but it's used primarily in the U.S. Army. This is odd because every other Long Patrol rank is British, eg. Colour Sergeant is only used in the British Army.
  • In Mariel of Redwall, Colonel Clary is the leader of Brigadier Thyme and Hon Rosie. He appears to be the most senior of the group in both rank and experience. However, according to traditional military ranks, Thyme should have seniority over Clary, as brigadier is one level above colonel.


The Long Patrol appears or is mentioned in every Redwall novel except: Mattimeo, Martin the Warrior, Pearls of Lutra, Marlfox, The Legend of Luke, Doomwyte