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Look Out, He's Behind You was a 1981 Christmas TV play by Brian Jacques. It was first broadcast by BBC Northwest on December 18, 1981.

It was inspired by real life break-ins at Liverpool's Everyman Theatre. The story is based on Cinderella with "modern twists."

Brian Jacques' son Marc appeared in the program. Two other cast members, Hannah and Charlotte Bond, were the daughters of Liverpool Playhouse director Chris Bond. The show featured a Liverpool Everyman cast, as well as the choir of St. Winifred's School. A related vinyl, If Only Christmas Were, was later released. The title "Look Out, He's Behind You" is a reference to a common British pantomime play interaction that performers usually have with the audiences.


Unemployed working class teenagers in Liverpool break into an old theater. When they discover the theater is setup with costumes and props, they begin acting out their own pantomime fantasies.


  • Writer: Brian Jacques
  • Producer: Terry Wheeler
  • Editor: John Grove
  • Richie Close


  • Brian Jacques - Victorian Ghost Policeman
  • Marc Jacques
  • Maria Barrett
  • Carlene Lundon
  • Jake Abraham
  • Barbara Hart
  • Hannah Bond
  • Charlotte Bond

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