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Mariel Gullwhacker

Mariel Gullwhacker
Mariel Gullwhacker by Allan Curless

Species: Mouse
Place of Origin: Unknown, somewhere far south
Gender: Female
Weapon: Gullwhacker, Axe
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mariel of Redwall, The Bellmaker
Mentioned: Martin the Warrior, The Long Patrol
Voice(s): Keddy Sutton

Mariel Gullwhacker was the daughter of Joseph the Bellmaker.

In Mariel of Redwall

While on a sea voyage to Salamandastron to deliver a bell, her ship, the Periwinkle, was captured by corsairs. She was captured by Gabool the Wild and held in captivity until he tossed her into the ocean during a violent storm.

Barely surviving, Mariel woke up on the shore with a great loss of memory. Only knowing that she came from the storm, she called herself "Storm". While on the beach she was harassed by seagulls. To fend these birds off, she beat them with the thick knotted rope that she had been tied to, which she called her "gullwhacker". She appended this suffix to her new first name, thus becoming "Storm Gullwhacker".

Later she was attacked by toads, and three hares of the Long Patrol (Colonel Clary, Brigadier Thyme, and Hon Rosie) rescued her. Mariel made her way to Redwall Abbey along with Tarquin Longleap Woodsorrel, where she regained her knowledge of who she was with the help of Simeon. While there she befriended Dandin and Saxtus.

Mariel from the front cover of Mariel of Redwall, UK edition.

Mariel, Dandin, Tarquin, and Durry Quill set off from Redwall to engage Gabool in battle on his island, Terramort. Along the way, they met up with Rawnblade Widestripe. When the group arrived at Terramort, Mariel met up with her father, who had mustered many of the good creatures who hated Gabool and together they stormed Fort Bladegirt. Mariel, Joseph and Rawnblade attempted to slay Gabool, however all were denied revenge as Gabool was slain by his pet scorpion Skrabblag.

In The Bellmaker

Soon after, Dandin and Mariel left Redwall for travel and adventure. Together they went south and assisted the denizens of Castle Floret against the tyrant Urgan Nagru.

After another triumph of good over evil, Dandin, Mariel, and their new friend Bowly Pintips set sail in the Pearl Queen, seeking even more adventure. Her fate is unknown.


While Mariel is often described as a brave, fearless warrior, she frequently displays many dangerous personality flaws. Like Felldoh, she was rash and often charged in without thinking. She frequently attacked first and asked questions later, often ending up hurting creatures on her own side, such as when she first met Bowly Pintips and almost attacked Hon Rosie. She often talked to non-mouse creatures she met in pompous, superior tones and threatened them. She also didn't always treat authority figures with the respect that was their due. She did however show regret when another creature confronted her on her behavior, like when Mother Mellus rebuked her. However by the time she is an adult she seems to have learned to control these traits better.


Mariel as an adult from The Bellmaker