Marlfox Island

Marlfox Island was located in the center of the Great Inland Lake and was described as being heavily forested. It was once the home of the badgers Loambudd and Urthwyte, at the time it was a place of plenty, but after they went west to Salamandastron it was deserted until the arrival of evil foxes led by the Marlfox race. However, in a battle the Marlfoxes killed the other foxes, leaving only the Marlfoxes and water rats left. The Marlfox Queen Silth arrived with her mate on the island, where they had a brood of seven Marlfox children.

The island was almost inaccessible. It was guarded from the sky by a garrison of magpies, and the lake was filled with vicious flesh-eating fish, including the Deepcoiler.

Silth eventually killed her mate and became the mad tyrannical ruler of the island, along with her wily brethren at Castle Marl. She was eventually killed by her favorite daughter Lantur, who, in turn, was murdered by her brother, Mokkan. Mokkan became the new tyrant of the isle, until he was overthrown by woodlanders from Mossflower Woods and killed by the female hedgehog slave called Nettlebud. The osprey Mighty Megraw defeated the magpies, making it safe for birds to fly over the lake. The island then became a pleasant place to live and a farming colony for the water rats, who had grown tired of Marlfox rule and rejoiced at the fact that those that had cared so little for their lives were now gone. After the Marlfoxes were killed, Mighty Megraw became the ruler of the island.

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Marlfox Island appears in Salamandastron (though unnamed) and Marlfox.

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