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Martin II

Martin II

Species: Mouse
Place of Origin: Redwall Abbey
Gender: Male
Weapon: The Sword of Martin
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mattimeo, The Pearls of Lutra
TV Series: Season 2

For other uses, look at Martin (disambiguation)

Martin II was a male mouse of Redwall Abbey. He is the son of Mattimeo and Tess Churchmouse, the grandson of John Churchmouse, Mrs. Churchmouse, Matthias, and Cornflower, the great grandson of Mr. Fieldmouse and Mrs. Fieldmouse, and the nephew of Tim Churchmouse. Martin was named for the original Martin the Warrior and took up his father's mantle as the Abbey Warrior.

He was known for being wise, and one season assisted Guosim shrews in dealing with a group of robber foxes. Martin was also the only known creature who was able to resist the hypnotic stare of Ublaz Mad Eyes.

Martin helped to track the captors of Abbot Durral through Mossflower Woods, and then sailed across the western sea in the Freebeast to Sampetra, along with Grath Longfletch, Clecky, Viola Bankvole, Plogg, Welko and Inbar Trueflight, the latter whom they picked up on Ruddaring. He cornered Ublaz alone in his palace and had a swordfight with him there, intent on defeating him. However, the pine marten stepped on a poisonous coral snake and was fatally bitten. Martin then avenged the family of Longfletch, making sure that the last thing that Ublaz heard was "Holt Lutra!".

Martin II traveled back to Redwall with Durral and the others. He did not leave any known descendants, but trained Arven to succeed him as Abbey Warrior.

Redwall TV Series

Martin II appears at the end of season two of the Redwall TV Series. Tim Churchmouse, the son of John Churchmouse and brother of Tess, describes in the afterword/epilogue about Martin II being born to Mattimeo and Tess after their return. He also appeared in the prologue to season three as an infant held by his paternal grandmother Cornflower in the audience as his uncle Tim relates the account of Martin the Warrior.

An alteration in the ancestry compared to the novels: in the afterword/epilogue of season one John Churchmouse declares that he is Cornflower's father and Mattimeo's grandfather. This would make Cornflower and Tess siblings, and Tess would be Mattimeo's aunt.

Thus, in the animated series, if John and his son Tim are being truthful about his biological paternity, Martin II is both the grandson AND great grandson of John Churchmouse. He would also be both grandson and nephew to Cornflower.

While there are other recognized major plot differences between the novels and animated series adaptations (such as the survival of various Abbots during invasions) one interpretation that would bring this in line with the novel's paternity (where Cornflower is the daughter of Mr. Fieldmouse, not John Churchmouse) and avoid the controversial coupling is if John considered himself an adoptive father/grandfather to Cornflower/Mattimeo, perhaps adopting Cornflower due to the absence of Mr. and Mrs. Fieldmouse as they are not present in the animated series like they are in the novels.