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Martin the Elder Warrior

Species: Mouse
Place of Origin: Saint Ninian's Church
Gender: Male
Weapon: The Sword of Martin
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Legend of Luke

Martin the Warrior is the father of Luke the Warrior, father-in-law of Sayna, and grandfather of Martin the Warrior.

Not much is known about Martin the Elder except that he too, was a fierce warrior, and the first known to wield the sword. There was a tapestry made of him, which Martin the Warrior brought to Redwall Abbey. This tapestry was later fashioned into one of the younger Martin.


In the beginning of The Legend of Luke, Martin the Elder is referred to as Luke's grandsire. However, at the end, he is named as Martin's grandfather.

The Redwall Wiki believes it is more logical for this character to be Martin's grandfather.