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Species: Otter
Place of Origin: Northfork Stream
Gender: Male
Weapon: Dagger
Death: Killed by an arrow shot by Tsarmina
Appears: Mossflower
Mentioned: The Legend of Luke

Riverwyte, better known as the Mask, was a male otter and the brother of Bargud and Warthorn (the Skipper in Mossflower & The Legend of Luke), the uncle of Folgrim and Tungro, and the great-uncle of Mayberry and Catkin. Although his real name is Riverwyte, Mask is nicknamed as such due to his amazing talent of imitating the appearance of other creatures. Mask was also an expert of camouflage and could seemingly disappear. He was a warrior until his tail was cut off by vermin; he then retired to a relatively peaceful life in Mossflower Woods.

Mask was a thin otter with grey fur and pale eyes who lived in a hollow log in the forest. He used his gift to disguise himself as a fox, Patchcoat, in order to infiltrate Kotir and rescue Gingivere, Ferdy and Coggs, using his cloak to hide the two hedgehogs. He was only discovered after Cludd stomped on his false fox's tail and the tail came off. After this successful and daring episode, he was struck by an arrow meant for Gingivere from Tsarmina Greeneyes' bow, which later killed him. Before going to Kotir, Mask had become a good friend to Spike and Posy, and as he died he told his companions not to mention his death to them, only to tell them that he had left for somewhere far away. He was then buried at Camp Willow, home of the otters.

Mask is unique in Redwall for being something of a "dark horse" character--unlike many other heroes in the series, he is quiet and reserved, which is essential to his role as a disguised spy.