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Field Marshal Meldrum Fallowthorn the Magnificent


Species: Hare
Place of Origin: Unknown (presumably Southsward)
Gender: Male
Weapon: Fishing rod with large rock on the line
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Bellmaker

Field Marshal Meldrum Fallowthorn, otherwise known as Meldrum the Magnificent, was an overweight but extremely militaristic hare, and the grand-nephew of Bracken Woodsorrel. He was related by ancestral blood to Tarquin Longleap Woodsorrel. Meldrum had a large supply of medals which he would award himself after defeating each foe. His weapon was a fishing pole, but instead of a hook it had a large rock on the line. Meldrum also had four nephews (Foghill, Runtwold, Coltvine and Thurdale), who he was training to become expert warriors. He had been adventuring out of Southsward when Urgan Nagru the Foxwolf conquered Castle Floret. Joining with Mariel Gullwhacker and Dandin, who had traveled from Redwall Abbey, Meldrum caused the landslide which presumably killed the Dirgecallers, the ermine trackers of the Foxwolf.

Imprisoned in Floret's dungeons, Meldrum, along with Mariel and Dandin, managed to escape from their cell and free Gael Squirrelking. During their attempted escape from Floret, the party encountered Glokkpod, a "Butcher Bird" driven insane by captivity. Meldrum and Glokkpod would spend much of their escape exhanging heated words (and even more heated stares). During the last stretch of the escape from Floret's north tower, the Field Marshal began calling the bird several insulting names in order to convince him to fly up.

Meldrum and his nephews participated in the final battle to liberate Southsward, joining with the army rallied by Gael and Bowly Pintips and the Redwall/Guosim war party led by Joseph the Bellmaker, Finnbarr Galedeep and Log-a-Log. He survived the battle of Southsward and later visited Redwall Abbey.


  • Meldrum is described as wearing a tricorn hat, but Allan Curless illustrated him with a cocked hat. (In fact, the latter is more accurate, as it was more commonly worn by military officers.)