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Meliton Gubthorpe Digglethwaite

Art by Sean Rubin
Ambrevina Rockflash holding Diggs

Species: Hare
Place of Origin: Salamandastron
Gender: Male
Weapon: Sling
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Sable Quean

Meliton Gubthorpe Digglethwaite, also known as Diggs, was a Long Patrol Subaltern and the nephew of Twodge. He was known to be very chubby, and, like most hares, enjoyed food greatly. He also had a habit of complaining, or "chunnering," which got on several beast's nerves.

Diggs was sent on a mission with his friend Buckler Kordyne to Redwall Abbey by Lord Brang Forgefire. Along the way, they were thrown into the struggle with Vilaya when they came upon two of her Ravagers trying to kidnap Flib. Diggs singlehandedly took on the pair of vermin, freeing Flib, who joined their journey. When Flib went missing again, Diggs and Buckler went with Jango Bigboat to Redwall Abbey to see if anybeast there had information. He later agreed to help the Abbey dwellers find all the young ones that had gone missing.

During a reconnaisance mission, Diggs' chunnering irritated Jango so much that he ran him off - however, the incorrigible hare returned, quite unrepentant, with a captive Ravager ferret in tow. In the subsequent assault upon Althier, Diggs was separated from the rest of the group again, and this time became completely lost. When he luckily found the exit, he met Ambrevina Rockflash. The two beasts quickly befriended each other, then followed the trail of the babes who had escaped from Althier much earlier. They sailed down the River Moss on a log, and found the watermeadow where the young ones were kept prisoner by Triggut Frap. Diggs and Ambry swiftly subdued the crazy hedgehog and rescued the babes. They then brought the young ones to Mumzy, who gladly agreed to care for them until their parents arrived to bring them home. Diggs then traveled to Redwall Abbey with his new friend.

He was badly wounded and lost an ear during the final battle with the Ravagers at the Abbey. Afterwards, he suffered memory damage due to Zwilt the Shade slashing him on the back of the head, and he adopted the identity of "Colonel Crockley Sputherington". During this time, he was the complete opposite of himself; his personality became that of a strict officer, who simply could not abide the very thought of food and did not eat at all. He was later cured after Oakheart Witherspyk purposefully knocked him unconscious a second time. After he fully recovered, he wore a fake ear that Crumfiss Witherspyk knitted for him. After Diggs and Buckler returned to Salamandastron, the other hares were in awe of the battle-scarred soldier; he was eventually promoted to the rank of colonel.