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Midge Manycoats

Midge Manycoats.jpg
Midge disguised as a vermin

Species: Hare
Place of Origin: Salamandastron
Gender: Male
Weapon: Sling, noose
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Long Patrol

Midge Manycoats was a male hare of the Long Patrol under Lady Cregga Rose Eyes. He was shorter than the average hare, and worked as a master of disguise under Major Perigord Habile Sinistra. Along with Tammo, Midge infiltrated the Rapscallion camp and posed as a seer named "Miggo", tricking Damug Warfang into battling elsewhere instead of at Redwall Abbey. Before leaving the camp, he assisted with the rescue of Fourdun. Without his help, the battle most likely would have not taken place, and there would have been trouble for the whole of Mossflower.

As well as being an amazing master of disguise, Midge could also perform magic tricks, which he used to impress vermin in the Rapscallion camp while in disguise. The trick he did most often was pulling chestnuts out from inside Rapscallion's ears. Midge also knew good vermin accents and speaking patterns; during their infiltration, he would not allow Tammo to speak due to the younger hare's terrible vermin accent. Midge and Tammo were suspected by Rinkul almost at once, but managed to fool the other vermin and succeed in their mission despite several close calls. Lousewort was left to guard them, but Midge and Tammo outwitted the rat and escaped. Midge later took part in the Battle of the Ridge of a Thousand, and survived to continue serving in the Long Patrol.


  • Midge is the term for several families of very small insects - an appropriate name for a shorter than average hare.
  • Besides Midge and Tammo, only one other hare, Mad Maudie, was able to successfully infiltrate a group of vermin as one of their own.