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Mighty Megraw


Species: Osprey
Place of Origin: Northeast
Gender: Male
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Unknown
Appears: Marlfox

Mighty Megraw was a male osprey. He had white and brown plumage and golden savage eyes. He ate fish and was very partial to pike. He was a fierce bird, though for the most part well-mannered. He had little to no sense of humor, once driving several creatures out into a rainstorm for jokingly calling him "binnaclebeak". Like most birds of prey, he had a strong northern accent.

Megraw was a wanderer, and in his travels discovered the Great Inland Sea. He attempted to settle on the isle in the center of the lake, but was attacked one night by magpies under the command of Athrak and High Queen Silth; the birds flew upon him while he was sleeping and drove him away, badly injuring his wing in the process. After his escape, he settled near the top of a huge waterfall, far away from the lake.

Later, Megraw became a friend of Songbreeze Swifteye, who tried to rescue him when he accidentally fell into the falls; both creatures were swept over the edge, but were later rescued by a cormorant. The two traveled together for a time, meeting up with Song's grandfather Gawjo Swifteye and his "family" of hedgehogs, and later Dannflower Reguba and his friends Burble and Dippler.

Megraw and Song joined forces with the band, traveling with them back to Marlfox Island. Gawjo healed Megraw's wing, which had been dislocated by Athrak and his magpies. At first, Megraw didn't want to fly when others were watching him, but he overcame his shyness and put on quite an impressive display of flight for Song and her friends.

Upon arriving at Marlfox Island, the vengeful osprey killed Athrak and his colony for injuring his wing. After the Marlfoxes were defeated, Megraw decided to take their place as King of the island, ruling the water rats who lived there and eating the pike that swam in the lake.


  • Megraw's name sounds very similar to the fairly common Scottish surname "McGraw".