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Mossflower Woods is the large forested woodland area on the River Moss, south of the Northlands and north of Southsward. The central community in this area is Redwall Abbey. Formerly, Brockhall, Saint Ninian's Church, and Kotir were the primary residential structures, but all three were destroyed or abandoned. There are at least three farmsteads in Mossflower, all of which were abandoned or looted. Mossflower Woods is populated by many creatures both good and bad, most of whom are nomadic. The family of Janglur Swifteye was one such example before they came to Redwall, as well as the tribes of Juska. The forest also served as the home of Gingivere Greeneyes' family and their farm for many seasons.

Mossflower is divided in two by the River Moss, which can be crossed by a ford. Since the death of Argulor, there has been relatively little danger from birds of prey. Most Mossflower birds have been friendly to travelers, though there have been a few harrowing incidents. While Mossflower is not a very dangerous area aside from marauding vermin, it does have a few natural perils. There is swampland, which has caused the death or near-death of careless vermin in Mattimeo, The Long Patrol, Taggerung, Rakkety Tam, Eulalia!, Doomwyte, and Triss.

To the far west of Mossflower is the mountain Salamandastron and the ocean.

A long path or road traverses the Mossflower countryside. The northern half is referred to as the North Path, while the southern half is described as the South Path.

Mossflower Woods History[]

Prior to the construction of Redwall Abbey, male badgers from the Brock family line ruled the peaceful woodlanders. The first known leader was Lord Brocktree, who was succeeded by Boar the Fighter, who in turn was succeeded by Barkstripe.

This leadership was challenged by Verdauga Greeneyes and his family, who entered the region from the north. The Greeneyes began a campaign of oppression against the woodlanders, eventually leading to all-out war. With fresh leadership from Martin the Warrior, the Greeneyes were defeated, and Redwall Abbey was built in the seasons thereafter.

As the largest building in Mossflower Woods, Redwall Abbey stands as a symbol of peace for all, however unsavory characters often attempt to breach its fortifications and take it for themselves.

Places of Interest[]

Known Rulers of Mossflower Woods[]