Mrs. Vole

Species: Vole
Place of Origin: Vole Bank in Mossflower Woods
Gender: Female
Death: Unknown
Appears: Redwall

Mrs. Vole was the mother of Colin Vole and the wife of Abram Vole. She and her family were captured by Cluny's rats, who were searching for food nearby the Vole family's home. Fortunately Ambrose Spike who had come to warn the Vole family managed to escape and warned Matthias and the other Abbey dwellers of the trouble.

Mrs. Vole and her husband were very courageous and defiant of the rats in spite of being bound and helpless. The Vole family was later dragged off and locked in a hut in the back of Saint Ninian's. Eventually Matthias rescued them with the help of Basil Stag Hare and brought the entire family safely to the Abbey. Once there Mrs. Vole assisted Mrs. Churchmouse with making bandages during the final battle at Redwall against Cluny's rats. Mrs. Vole also assisted Cornflower in the Kitchen with feeding the fighters.

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