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Species: Badger
Place of Origin: Southsward
Gender: Female
Weapon: Anything that she could hold
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Bellmaker

Muta was a mute female badger from Southsward. She was the nurse of the squirrel prince Truffen, and she protected him fiercely. Once in a while she would make soft noises, but this was unusual.

During the royal family's escape from Castle Floret, Muta attempted to protect Truffen from the Foxwolf and his army. She stayed behind as a rearguard along with Rab Streambattle.

Silvamord, who was in charge of the army chasing the escapees, badly wounded the two and left them for dead. However, the two were merely greviously injured. They moved into the tunnels of the castle, and were nursed back to health by Egbert the Scholar.

Although Egburt healed the physical bodies of Rab and Muta, he was unable to heal their minds, and the two became possessed with the Bloodwrath. They were able to harass the vermin, but did little real damage until Mariel came to Egbert. They aided her in the capture of Castle Floret, and moved to help in the Battle of Southsward.

When Muta saw Truffen again, the Bloodwrath receded from her. After the battle, Muta returned to her job as Truffen's nurse.


  • Her name comes from the word "mute".